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DVD Backup to Protect Your Memories


VHS is Old News

Well before we had the technology to record videos on our phones, almost everyone used tape

recorders to make home movies or record special events in their lives. Somewhere in their home is a

drawer or shelf holding these tapes for safe keeping to watch at a moment’s notice. Little do most

people know, these tapes have been deteriorating as time has worn on and are at risk of losing these

precious memories forever.

These tapes start to lose their magnetic signal as the friction between the VCR head and tape causes the

quality and color of the film to wear down. It will eventually become brittle and break, even while on

the shelf. This is why you should take these tapes in to a professional to have them converted into

digital DVD format.

In With the New

DVD format has been the superior tech of choice for more than a decade, taking the place of videos due

to their long shelf life and high-quality visuals and sound. It is expected you can hold onto a DVD for

more than century and still get the same enjoyment as you did the very first time you watched it.

Thanks to this marvelous advancement, tapes are old news and VHS players have gone the way of the


The good news is there are many specialist IT and digital media companies out there to help this transfer

simply and successfully without the hassle of doing it yourself. They have the best digital and state-of-

the-art equipment so that even the largest collections can be done quickly and with a great high-quality

picture superior to VHS. You can even have multiple copies made to share your memories with family

and friends.

Sharing Your Memories

DVD backups are simple to make to share with people all over the world. You can send DVDs through

the mail and/or saved on social media sites for shared viewing. There are certain things in life worth

hanging onto and there are certain memories we want to carry with us everywhere we go. VHS was a

great advancement in its time, but now is the time to convert to digital DVD format to preserve them

and keep from losing those memories for good.

Protect them, share them, keep them and watch them together for many years to come. The longer you

wait, the higher the risk of never seeing those recordings ever again.

To protect your memories by DVD backup, call Past Present Future Digital at 910-399-1820

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