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Why Is the Price So Different? Digital Transfer Secrets


Transferring Slides to Digital

If you have stacks of slides, you may be looking for ways to convert them to a digital format to prevent them from fading forever. By saving them, you are preserving memories for generations to come. But choosing the right person to digitize those memories is important. Quality work by a professional will really make the difference.

Not everyone claiming to be a professional will give you the same results. Don’t trust just anyone to deliver the best overall service in saving your priceless slides and videos. The correct process is meticulous. Some go the cheap route by offering low quality resolution or even projecting images onto a wall and taking a digital photograph or recording. That doesn’t sound like a company you want to trust, does it.


The Slide-to-Digital Transfer Process

The right transfer company will know how to give you the highest quality slide transfer. Think of TV resolutions. The higher the resolution, the more dots per inch. Cheaper companies give you much lower lower DPI (dots per inch). You will want to make sure to ask the company what their DPI is. The best range is between 3,000 and 4,000, which is much greater than the 200 DPI the cheap and inexpert companies offer.

The process begins with cleaning the slides. If they’ve been sitting for several years, they have most likely collected dust and are cleaned by using compressed air to blow away any debris. That is followed by using a film cleaner and lens cleaning tissue. The process takes some time, but is well worth it to get the best possible image for the scanner.

There are two different kinds of scanners available. The most common are called flatbed scanners, and don’t produce high quality results. They are mostly used because they can scan batches of slides at a time. The other kind is made specifically for film and allows for high-resolution and precise scans. These are ideal and used by professional companies to give customers the best quality result of 4,000 DPI.


The Right Choice for Slide-to-Digital Transfer

Once the pictures are cleaned and scanned, they are touched up using Adobe Photoshop or another photo/video-editing program. Here the real magic is done to provide you with the best images possible, removing smudges and spots that come with older photographs. A cheap transfer company won’t bother to do this. The end result will be a lifetime of treasured photos that will be cleaner and clearer than in their original format.


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