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VHS to DVD Wilmington NC

vhs to dvd wilmington ncVHS to DVD Wilmington NC: One of the most common questions we receive is “Do you transfer VHS to DVD?” Yes, we do!

You probably know, since you’re familiar with VHS tapes, that there are several kinds of video tape formats. VHS is one of them. Remember Super VHS and Betamax? We can transfer those, too. Whatever the format, give us a call at 910-399-1820 and let us know you’re ready!

Considerations In VHS to DVD Wilmington NC Transfer Services

While price is a consideration in choosing a VHS to DVD Wilmington NC service provider, another big factor you should keep in mind is transfer quality. Any old tape player isn’t acceptable. If the player heads are dirty, the image is going to be incorrectly scanned. That means despite the high resolution of DVD output, a dirty player head is going to result in a lousy picture from the transfer. So that’s why it’s important to us to keep our equipment as pristine as possible. When we’re transferring the memories recorded on your tapes, we want the very best image capture from them. That way, the DVD picture will be as clear as it can be.

Another advantage you may not have considered to going with a professional, specialized shop for digital transfer is the ability to share your memories. Not many people have video tape players sitting around anymore. With your content available on DVD, it’s a snap for us to duplicate that video so you can surprise your friends and family with their very own copies…perhaps for a special occasion!

Finally, if you have a broken or jammed VHS tape that has precious moments recorded on it, don’t throw it out! Bring it to us. We’re experts at getting these old pieces of technology working again–so you can recover that video and get it saved to DVD as quickly as possible.

Visit Past Present Future Digital at 4601 Peach Tree Ave. for fast, top quality and caring VHS to DVD Wilmington NC transfer services.

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  1. Josh did an awesome job transferring my 25 years of home movies from miles of VHS tapes to DVD. No more worries about losing all those great memories!

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